Ambalaje din carton


Our company is organised in distinct sectors in order to confront the ever more exigent requests of the entrepreneurial world and offer, at the same time, a complete service to all our clients. From the estimates office to that of administration, from graphic design to the end product, from the printing department to that of die cutting and gluing; everything is coordinated and optimized in order to obtain the best result possible. Here you will find the most advanced solutions in the paper and cardboard industry for the most varied of product spheres; from boxes for the shoe and fashion sector to that of food, from packaging for fancy goods of medium and large sizes, to small packaging for accessories and knick-knacks in general and many other proposals that will satisfy, we are sure, even the most exigent of tastes Hecomin was founded in 1994, with the main profile of shoe sales. Since 2002 the company has expanded the production scope, opening a section of cardboard, especially for shoes, starting with a production of 200,000 cases per year and currently has reached an output of over 5,000,000 cases per year, having a production area of 4000 square meters.

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